LOUFAKIS CHEMICALS SA recognizes the need to respect the environment and wishes to actively protect it from activities which burden it.

Our company recognizes that its activities have or may have an impact on the environment and is committed to making continuous efforts to reduce these impacts, following at least all relevant legislation and taking measures to prevent contamination.

The company focuses its efforts to the following areas:

  • Avoid creating wastes, particularly liquid
  • Product development used to protect the environment (such as chemical waste treatment)
  • Creating new facilities and expansions with minimal environmental impact
  • Products development which are more environmentally friendly during production, use and disposal
  • Inform consumers how to use and dispose the products in a way that protects the environment
  • Preventive measures to avoid environmental incidents

For this purpose has the necessary financial and human resources and maintains open communication with the customers and any interested parties.

In order to successfully implement this policy, is required to contribute the entire staff of the company, which through information and training is required to perform everyday activities responsibly so to avoid harming the environment.

The company through out its existence is giving emphasis to reduce impacts on the environment. Today, the development of an Environmental Management System ISO 14001 standards aims to better organize its efforts in this direction. The company targets its environmental performance to continuously improve, year after year.