LOUFAKIS CHEMICALS SA, is a company which designs, manufactures and sales chemicals and always offers to the customer the best with the most complete specifications.

The company envisions to create a dynamic network in the wider Balkan region.

LOUFAKIS CHEMICALS SA, is committed to implements Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008, with their trustworthy and conscientious partners, their reliable and consistent suppliers and also their demanding and loyal customers.

Under the Quality System ISO 9001:2008 adopted by the company, installed and monitored systematically, the objective goals of the company are:

  • Effective planning
  • High degree of customer satisfaction
  • Market knowledge and successful approach to customer
  • Effective trade policy
  • Efficient marketing policy sales
  • Effective warehouse management
  • Reliable procurement management 
  • Efficient management of production equipment 
  • Efficient management of production resources
  • Reliability processes
  • Reliability HR 
  • Maintain effective quality system 
  • Continuous improvement of quality system

LOUFAKIS CHEMICALS SA, as a basic organizing tool that assists in monitoring goals and continuous improvement, has developed and implemented a Quality Management System in accordance with international standard EN ISO 9001: 2008.

The Quality Management System, fully supported by the company's management, which provides the necessary resources, both in buildings and equipment and human resources, believes that achieving these objectives and the continuous improvement and development of the company, can become a reality with the active involvement of all employees.