Two production lines for emulsions (reactors for pre-emulsion, monomers, polymerization, standardization), high pressure glazed reactor 2.5t, various reactors with heating-cooling system from 2t up to 10t, mixing powders system, and various mixers. New production line for AquAszero. Receipt and storage tanks for liquid chemicals up to 300t.


In canisters from 10-50 litre, tanks of 500 and 1000 litre, barrels of 50-200 litre and bags of 20-25 kg.


There is know how and production experience for water treatment, for textile (wetting agents, softening, stabilizers and various sophisticated chemical), liquid and powder detergents, emulsifiers and various construction chemicals, disinfectants for plant foods and various types of preservatives.


The new production line and standardization have already installed for AquaAszero.  A new product with the capacity to remove Arsenic (V) and Arsenic (III) from potable water.   It can be applied in water treatment for both industrial and domestic use (water filters).  The production line has a capacity of 120 kgs per working day.

AquAsZero is a patented (no. 20100100541/28-9-2010) product of research within the frame of the european project for "Research for the benefit of SMEs" funded directly by the European Union and has been awarded the 1st prize in the "Greece Innovates!" competition in 2011.