Lab - Eleni

Water Treatment

In-house research led to the production of a family of products (HYDROFLOC and HYDROPOL) which have at the same time coagulant, absorbent and ion-exchange properties. These products can be used both for the treatment of liquid industrial waste and for the treatment of potable water. Moreover, they can be used in water treatment (industrial and potable) for the removal of foreign solids.

The afore mentioned novel products:

  • Are more efficient of the traditional competitive products.
  • They can be easily applied
  • Are compatible with the environment
  • When applied they lead to inert sub-products that are not re-dissolved
  • Their use has no side effects
  • They are competitive on a financial and quality level
  • They can be used for a great range of waste treatment

The controversial properties of the products substances with absorption properties dispersed into a coagulant medium, the production process is of great importance for the final properties of the product. Due to the novel characteristics of both the substances and their production process LOUFAKIS CHEMICALS SA is examining ways of setting up a strategy for the IPR protection.

Polymerization Research

In-house research led to the production of a family of products Vilumin, Vilakryl, Drykryl with a variety of applications in coatings, adhesives and Laminates.

Applied In-House Research for the benefit of our Customers.

We develop coloring systems to be used by our customers in the paint industry. We also have an application laboratory for textile dye-houses.